What’s in a Name?

We are here to help create your own Candy Moment!

Take a minute to think about the moments you’ve had today, this week, this year. 

Some have been difficult and you’ve had to buckle down and get to the work of life. Other moments have allowed you the space to breathe, to feel creative, and play! Moments can make or break us. Moments can give us energy or drain the very life from us. It’s what we do with each moment that counts. And they all count.

When you look a the life of your business, organization, product, or idea you’ll see moments too. Some tough but others light and energized. We’re here to help create more of THOSE moments. The ones filled with passion, creativity, fun, colour, and imagination. Surprising, memorable moments.

When you take time to build these moments into the life of your business, organization, or group something magical happens. Your message, cause, or idea becomes irresistible! That moment – when your message connects deeply with those you wish to serve – that’s a moment to remember. That a Candy Moment. Sweet, fun, colourful … you can’t wait to have another taste.

At Candy Event Consulting we’ve had the privilege of co-creating memorable moments together with businesses and organizations just like yours. Here’s to building many more Candy Moments together.


OK, I’ll admit it … I cry at the circus …

 … and at the ballet, and at concerts in the park, and those “ring-those-phones”-type of telethons, and yes, at gala dinners, golf tournaments, penny parties, product launches, conferences… well you get the idea.
Let’s just say I feel that unmistakable welling up of emotion, not because the food is bad, the volumes’ too loud, or the seats are uncomfortable. I’m moved. When others see the lights go low, the hush fall over the crowd and the surge of energy when the show begins, I’m lost in the reality of what it has taken to pull this moment together.
Take a closer look and you’ll see a good idea, a comprehensive plan, and an experienced – and wildly creative – team working tirelessly behind the scenes on every detail.
And this is the pay off – that moment when the curtain opens and there is nothing left to do but enjoy. And that’s a beautiful moment. That’s a Candy Moment. Now you can experience your own beautiful Candy Moment. It’s time to make your team stronger – join us! 
With you in the event planning journey,
Lisa Gareau
Founder + President 
Yes! Make my team stronger! 
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