2020 Clarity Tour

So you have been thinking about planning your community, business, or cultural event but are you sure about where you are going and how to get there or if this event should go forward? Successful event planners hold their events against the clearVIEW lens. Now your team can get clear and get planning with clarity and confidence!

Introducing the clearVIEW System for Event Planners





Using the clearVIEW System you will be able to clarify your VISION with ease, determine the level of INVESTMENT needed, ENGAGE with your stakeholders in the right way at the right time, and in the end, know exactly what would make it all the time, money, and resources WORTH it for you and your team.

In 2020 the Candy team will be traveling far and wide to meet in-house and do-it-yourself event planners – just like you – to learn the events they plan and the teams that make them happen. Each 2-day visit will include a deep dive interview with your planning team, a full day of learning, and countless valuable online and off-line leave-behinds that your team can start to use immediately on your planning  journey! 

During the day of learning your expert Candy trainers and discussion facilitators will illuminate new learning in the areas of event strategy, planning, marketing, and team management.

Now your community can get clear in their planning, apply here to express your interest in being on 2020 Clarity Tour list of locations! 

Clarity Tour Expression of Interest

Tell us more about who you are and the events you plan! Your city, town, or region might be the next stop on our 2020 Clarity Tour. Let's talk!
  • Please let us know when you are available to discuss having your event as one of our stops on the 2020 Clarity Tour. We will connect back with you to confirm a time. (Please note possible days/times with timezone)
  • We are people who like to talk to people!

2020 Clarity Tour Photo Credit: Kenneth Locke Photo