Now Event Planners CAN be REDI for Anything!


Are you looking for expert advice and real-world feedback from a small group of planning peers? The REDI Room is for you!

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Candy’s REDI Room Membership _ 2020-2021 Brochure


When you’re planning events … you CAN be REDI for anything!

Event planners – at any stage of their planning journey – will benefit from the supportive and solutions-based environment of the newly launched REDI Room.

The REDI Room is made up of dynamic, dedicated event planners who are planning any kind of event, anytime, anywhere! Join your planning peers who are also planning and promoting meaningful gatherings, meetings, and events for their businesses, organizations, or groups. With the help of your new “extended planning team” you’ll be able to face your event planning challenges head on AND take your planning work to a new level of excellence!

How can you be REDI for your next event challenge?

We use the REDI Room Rules!

R – Review The Situation
E – Evaluate Your Resources
D – Discuss Possible Solutions
I – Initiate The Best Response

As a member of the REDI Room you’ll have the opportunity to put your challenge on the table and get real-time, helpful feedback from your event planning peers. In addition, you’ll find expert advice from your Candy Facilitator, follow up support, and relevant resources to help you and your team in your planning journey.


The Candy Event Consulting REDI Room Membership includes:

• 1-Hour Weekly Online Meeting of the Planning Minds in the REDI Room

• “Are You REDI? Reality Check” Checklist and “The REDI Rule Book”

• Powerful Solution-finding Discussions and Actionable Response Reports

• A Supportive, Knowledgeable Community of Planning Peers

• Private Facebook Group Access for Ongoing Q+A and Support

• Peer to Peer Accountability Partners and “New Perspective Pushers”

• Monthly Live Candy Academy Workshop Replay Access

• And, if you pay in full for a 12-Month REDI Membership, you get 90-days FREE!

Register below and access the power of an extended and invested planning team today.

BONUS! Get access to Candy’s Workshops and 2021 Retreat for Less as a REDI Room Member! 


Our community is open to event planners in our home Province of Alberta, across our beautiful country of Canada, and extends to our dynamic community of planning peers around the world! No matter where you are planning or what events are under your responsibility, your extended planning team is here to support your goals in the REDI Room. We’re REDI for YOU! Join in to keep your event planning activities on track and you REDI for anything. Tell us about yourself today with the links below. We’ll be back in touch with you about this important weekly online meeting with your new, extended event planning support team!


Apply to join us in the REDI Room by filling out the form below!

Register today, book your interview, and get ready to receive your REDI Room “Are You REDI? Reality Check” Checklist and a “The REDI Rule Book” to maximize your time with your planning peers from day one!

Monthly Membership (No Sign-up Fee)

Master Level – $35/Month + GST

Student Level – $25/Month + GST

12-Month Membership (90-Days Free) 

Master – $315/Year + GST

Student Level – $225/Year + GST


REDI Room Expression of Interest

Tell us more about who you are and the events you plan! If you are ready to take your event planning to a new level of excellence the REDI Room may be the place for you. Let's talk!
  • Please let us know when you are available to discuss your participation in the REDI Room. We will connect back with you to confirm a time. (Please note possible days/times with timezone)
  • We are people who like to talk to people!

*Your REDI Room “Extended Planning Team” will be limited to 8-10 in-house and do-it-yourself event planners to ensure strong ties between members, focused conversations, and the time needed to get actionable items that can be applied to planning challenges. Join today to get connected and get the support you need!


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