Candy’s Event Building Blueprint

Candy’s Event Building Blueprint 4-Session Series
Mastering the Four Levels of Event Management

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This interactive, online, event planning series is built especially for in-house and do-it-yourself event planners like you. You’ll walk away from this 4-session series knowing exactly how to build events that will be grounded in your unique purpose and will expertly meet the goals of your business, organization, or group!


Session #1 • Set Your Event Foundation • Project Research + Strategy

Understanding your event purpose and setting up your planning process will create a strong foundation for your event planning. In this session you will learn to assess your event activities and assets and get grounded by applying successful strategic principles to your event cycle.


Session #2 • Frame Your Event Experience • Event Planning + Logistics

Attendees enter your event doors with expectations of a seamless, satisfying, and sometimes surprising experience. In this session you will learn to frame your event by perfectly placing all your planning elements together in a way that is sure to “wow” your guests and win respect.


Session #3 • Fill Your Room with Friends • Marketing + Communications

Attracting an invested group of event team members, partners, sponsors, vendors, and, of course, attendees, can take work but it’s worth it. In this session you will learn to effectively communicate your purpose to your ideal event community and fill the room with “friends”.


Session #4 • Express Your Event Purpose • Creative Services + Support

Showcasing your event through well-chosen words, purposeful visuals, and thoughtful design elements will help it stand out from the crowd. In this session you will learn to produce consistent and creative collateral and give your event a “curb appeal” you can be proud of.