Candy in the Community


Great Big Give: Candy Event Consulting

Candy in the Community joins The Great Big Give with Calgary’s giving champions Goodpin!

Have you ever thought about the fact that if we all band together, and give just a little, we can make our communities stronger, safer, and more vibrant?

As many of you already know, it’s more than just “business as usual” here at Candy. As a company we have been committed to consistently giving back with our time, energy, and resources by supporting community initiatives collectively as a team and as individuals for over 10 years!

We’re ready now to take our giving to the next level but we can’t do it without you. Goodpin is committed to #makinggoodfamous and, together with other purpose-driven companies here in Calgary we want to make YOUR good famous too! We’ve committed to giving YOU – our community – funds to give to causes that matter to YOU. Seriously. You get to choose!

Now you can give to give a local charity you choose, no strings attached, through our Candy in the Community campaign. We’re making a difference with $10 at a time. While it lasts each month. For the good of Calgary communities. 

For the next 12 months we are committed to providing our community the funds each month to make a small donation to the charity of your choice! If you need help choosing, we are highlighting 3 local community organizations that align perfectly with our 3 Candy Culture Commitments* – read more about that below!

Here are 3 charities that are making a big difference!

Making Changes Association

Kids Up Front Calgary

Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

Little by little, we’ll make our community stronger, safer, and more vibrant, together.

Click on the Goodpin heart below to learn more … and give!


*Our values at Candy Event Consulting are centred around three main concepts and we aspire to live them out as a team and with our clients, partners, and community friends.

The 3 Candy Culture Commitments

WE’RE BRILLIANT We work to shine bright as a beacon to those who are navigating their way through the challenges they face as they plan and promote events for their businesses, organizations, or groups. As we encourage our clients to truly see their potential through key strategy sessions, and empower them to build capacity, they achieve autonomy and realize a greater level of success.

WE’RE PLAYFUL Even though we may have been accused of saying event planning is FUN we truly believe providing excellent experiences for our clients while allowing room for playful expression from our team is an important part of the Candy experience. We start each project with a foundation of excellence, professionalism, and hard work and work just as hard to maintain a playful approach.

WE’RE WISE We are solution-finders, problem-solvers, and risk-takers. There is no teacher like hands on experience and all our experiences feed into the collective wisdom that we can bring to each new challenge. The culture of the Candy Team is grounded in the time tested, practical knowledge, and keen decision-making skills of each team member.