Is your team planning and promoting events?

Could you use a little help now and then?

Our Candy EVENTEMPs have got your back! 




Candy Event Consulting’s EVENTEMP DISPATCH™ service matches those who NEED help with those who CAN help. Our EVENTEMPs can handle temporary placements in a variety of event-focused areas working with you or your team to get your event planning or promotion to the finish line.

  • Event Planning + Support 
  • Marketing + Communications Support
  • Creative Services + Support

Candy’s EVENTEMPs are tested, trusted, and – of course – temporary to give you the flexibility you need from event to event. If you need help click on the I NEED HELP button below to fill out the form. We’ll work with you to get you the help you need. If you can help click on the I CAN HELP button below to fill out the form. Let us know you are available and we’ll talk through with you how you can support event planners in need. Click through below to sign up for FREE to get the help you need – or to offer your skills.

It takes a community to raise an event … and we’re here to help!



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