Consultation Services

Our Event Strategy Sessions are designed to support you – and your team – as you plan and promote events for your business, organization, or group. Now YOU can decide where you need a little (or a lot!) of support and we’ll apply our expertise to help make your ideas a reality!
All Candy Event Consulting consulting sessions, training opportunities, and corresponding resources are based on Candy’s unique view of what it takes to build and execute creative, effective, and efficient event plans and promotional campaigns. 
Areas of Expertise
• Project Research + Strategy 
• Event Planning + Execution 
• Marketing + Communications 
• Creative Services + Support 

Make Your Planning Team Stronger with a Candy Strategy Package

Download our Strategy Session Series Information Sheet Here: Candy_Strategy_Sessions_2019
Your 3-Session Strategy Success Series Includes:

  • Experience 3 – Half Day Connection Strategy Sessions – 3-4 hours, Includes light snacks & coffee/tea for your team
  • Engage 8-10 members of your team – executive, board, planning team, and/or volunteers
  • Enjoy customized strategy session materials ready for each session geared for maximum retention
  • Proven planning templates and strategic tools will keep your team on time and on track
  • Candy Session Reports will give you key recommendations for ongoing success



Understanding and Applying Your Purpose and Vision to Your Events

You work hard to define and design the purpose, vision, and mission of your business, organization, or group. When you plan an event that supports your ultimate vision your success factors increase. By getting clear on your purpose you will experience a new level of success with your people, process, and profit! In this session you’ll learn to find, understand, and apply your wider vision to every aspect of your event planning!



Conquering Your Top Event Success Barriers with Value-Driven Behaviours

In this session we will work with your team to identify your top barriers to your event success. You may not fully know what is holding you back but through our values-driven exercises your top barriers will reveal themselves. Your barriers might include difficult team dynamics, incomplete processes, or core creative challenges. We will discover what behaviours your team will need to consciously choose – and apply – to overcome those barriers.



Choose an Event Barrier and Create an Actionable Strategy for Success

In Session #3 we will Deep Dive into one of your 3 top event success barriers bringing it confidently through the Candy Milestone process to give you the planning clarity you need. We’ll work with you to attach priority status to priority tasks, create a timeline to pace your planning, and assign team members to execute well on their areas of responsibility. Once learned your team can apply Candy’s Deep Dive to any event challenge you face. Why stop with one. Continuing to execute on your top priorities will ensure you are working from a deep sense of purpose!