Guiding You on Your Event Planning Journey

Here at Candy Event Consulting we understand that your business, organization, or group has unique needs and goals. We take the time to look at each new project with fresh eyes and offer relevant coaching, strategic consulting, and custom designed event management and promotional solutions to suit your goals and budget.
Now YOU can decide where you need a little (or a lot!) of support and we’ll apply our expertise to help make your ideas a reality!
Candy Team Areas of Expertise
• Project Research + Strategy 
• Event Planning + Execution 
• Marketing + Communications 
• Creative Services + Support 


Our Connection Strategy Coaching Sessions are perfect for you or you and your planning team, one session or as many sessions as you need to feel confident in your planning. Enjoy 60-minutes focused on YOU, your team, and your event planning or campaign goals.



Candy’s Consulting Sessions are designed to support you – and your team – as you plan and promote events for your business, organization, or group. You work hard to define and design the purpose, vision, and mission of your business, organization, or group. When you plan an event that supports your ultimate vision your success factors increase. By getting clear on your purpose you will experience a new level of success with your people, process, and profit! By engaging in a deep-dive Candy Strategy Session you’ll learn to find, understand, and apply your wider vision to every aspect of your event planning!



Your team is unique. That’s why we take a unique approach! All of Candy’s coaching, training, and resources are based on Candy’s unique view of the event planning process and a commitment to build the capacity of your planning team. Now you can move your plan from concept to completion with affordable, accessible, applicable learning.In order to help your team make the most of their event planning efforts we have created the 12 CANDY ELEMENTS OF EVENT PLANNING program to help frame all our coaching and consulting activities. Choose one of the CANDY ELEMENTS as your coaching topic or customize your individual or team coaching experience. We are here to help you reach YOUR goals and will work with you to see real results.