Candy’s 10 Steps to Clarity Strategy Session

Our Event Strategy Sessions are designed to support you – and your team – as you plan and promote events for your business, organization, or group. We are committed to taking you through a courageous exploration of your connection challenges. 
When you connect with your customers, donors, network, or the community from a place of purpose your events will make the impact you have always wished for. Taking a step back might just be what you need to take a dozen steps forward toward your goals. 
All Candy Event Consulting consulting sessions, training opportunities, and corresponding resources are based on Candy’s unique view of what it takes to build and execute creative, effective, and efficient event plans and promotional campaigns. 
We guarantee you will leave your Candy strategy sessions feeling heard, inspired, and ready to purposefully connect with those that attend any event you plan! 

All sessions are expertly facilitated by Candy Founder Lisa Gareau, who has, for over three decades, been creating new ways for planners to learn, grow, and get connected. She supports Candy clients and partners through strategy, workshops, and resources and teaches Event Management to event planning students at Mount Royal University.

We have several sessions available for you and your planning team. Our “10 Steps to Clarity” Strategy Session is the perfect place for you to prepare for your planning or refresh your purpose, planning, or processes. 



What’s included in your Candy “10-STEPS to CLARITY” Strategy Session?

  • Experience 1 – Half Day CLARITY Strategy Session – 3-4 hours online or face to face!
  • Engage 8-10 members of your team – Invite executive, board, planning team, or volunteers as you see fit.
  • Enjoy customized strategy session materials ready for your session geared for maximum retention.
  • Our proven process will inform a strategic direction and the tools to get your team on track.
  • A customized Candy Session Report will give you key recommendations for ongoing success.