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Due to the current COVID-19 restrictions on hosting face to face meetings and workshops, and our desire to keep our Candy Community safe and healthy, we have moved our event planning workshops, courses, resources, and support to online platforms and will add notices here as we transition. For now our wish is that you stay home, stay home, but keep planning!



Creative Conversations – From Idea to Impact 

“My Sweet Summer Strategy” Workshop

Tuesday, June 30 • 4 – 6 PM • Online via Zoom

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Welcome to an interactive, personal strategy workshop built especially for in-house and do-it-yourself event planners like you. You’ll leave the session with your very own Sweet Summer Strategy!

If you are anything like our team at Candy, just because the sun has come out and our schedules have loosened, doesn’t mean we’re not still strategizing on how to make the most of our time.

Event planning truly never ends. There is always one more detail, one more contact to make, or one more fire to put out. But summer can also be a time to dig into those wish-list ideas that we never seem to have time for or to clean up a project that will make all the difference for Fall. Are you up for the Summer Strategy challenge?

Join us on Tuesday, June 30 from 4 – 6 PM as we learn how to build and execute on an effective – and dare we say “sweet!” – Summer Strategy!

Here’s what to expect:

4:00 – Hello + Introductions

4:15 – Transitioning “Downtime” to “Go Time!”

4:30 – Part 1 – Planning Summer with Intention

5:00 – Part 2 – Making Your Strategy Sweet

5:30 – Part 3 – Managing Your Success

6:00 – Wrap Up + Thank You!

Don’t miss out on your chance to get creative and make the most of YOUR summer!



“The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power.” — Mary Pickford

Planning with Vision : A Planners Vision Board Workshop

Thursday, August 20, 2020 • 11 AM – 1 PM • Online via Zoom 

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Effective planning starts with a clear vision.

Join your event planning peers as we use the vision boarding process to help clarify, concentrate, and focus on specific goals for your planning work and life. A vision board is your chance to curate and display images that represent whatever you want to be, do, or have in your life. Planning with vision can make all the difference. Join us!

We’ll explore four key bands to becoming a strong, focused, vision-driven planner:

#1 : Body + Health + Movement

#2 : Soul + Spirit + Happiness

#3 : Relationship + Connection

#4 : Business + Work + Contribution

What your morning will look like:

11:00 AM : Hello + Introductions

11:15 AM : Part 1 – Clearing Your Vision : Get Prepared

12:15 PM : Part 2 – Understanding Limitless Planning

1:00 PM : Start Your Vision Board and Planning with Vision!



5 Keys of Event Planning Online Lunch+Learn Series

If you are anything like the event planners we have come to know and love, you are working hard to apply your passion and precision to your event planning – even through times of crisis!

You might own a small business, run a marketing department, lead a community organization, or are invested in planning events as executive or office administrator. We welcome you now, more than ever, to come together with your planning peers to learn more, get connected, and have some fun discussing the Candy 5 Keys to Event Planning.

Remember … planning events it yourself doesn’t mean you have to plan them it alone …  we are with you in the twists and turns of the journey.

5 Keys of Event Planning

A Candy Academy Lunch+Learn Series for In-house and Do-it-yourself Event Planners

September 28 – October 2, 2020 • Daily 11:45 AM – 1:15 PM MST • Online via Zoom

Learning + Discussion Runs From Noon-1 PM MST

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Choose one or all of our energizing 5 Keys sessions below!

Purpose+Plan • Monday, September 28

You will gain confidence as you learn to clarify the purpose of your event, communicate a clear vision, and develop a workable plan to keep the whole team on track.

Design+Decor • Tuesday, September 29

Whatever your purpose, plan, or budget you will learn to develop cohesive promotional materials, eye catching invitations, and creative onsite decor elements that resonate with your guests.

Space+Time • Wednesday, September 30

Choosing a great venue helps to create an engaging atmosphere for guests and sets the tone for an effective corporate meeting, special occasion, or a fun community fundraiser. Learn how to choose the best for your event!

Sound+Light • Thursday, October 1

Seasoned producers, stage managers, and techies will help you manage the music, video, sound, and lights for your event – you will learn to set the stage for a great experience.

Food+Drink • Friday, October 2

Sharing our inspiration, you’ll learn it’s easy to entertain a crowd, small or large, with fresh food choices, delish delicacies, or funky and fun dishes and drinks.



Is this workshop for you?

• Are you planning and promoting events for your business, organization, or group?

• Do you need to let people know about your event and motivate them to participate?

• Could you use some new ideas to make the job of marketing your event easier?

• Do you need help finding the resources – and encouragement – you need for event success?

• Would you like to connect with like-minded event planning peers in Calgary?

Marketing Secrets for Event Success – Online 

A Candy Academy Workshop for In-house and Do-it-yourself Event Planners

DATE TBD – Lunch + Learn • 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
Learning + Discussion Runs From Noon-1 PM

Enjoy a time of connection and conversation!

Join the Candy team along with our marketing expert as we bring you behind the scenes, sharing insider secrets, helping you get the word out about your next event – without breaking the bank! Develop media partnerships that matter, learn to inform and engage your audience, and experience true success as you promote your next event. Now you can get tips right from the experts and learn how you can increase your impact and gain greater event participation. Join us!

What your session will look like:

11:30 AM – Noon • Welcome + Introductions

Noon – 12:45 PM • Group Exercise and Learning

12:45 – 1:00 PM • Candy Give-a-way

1:00 – 1:30 PM • Wrap up Discussion & Q+A




An Online Interactive Candy Academy Learning Series

We know you are working hard to plan and promote events for your business, organization, or group – now you can come together with your planning peers to learn more, get connected, and have some fun discussing 4 important topics geared to elevate your event planning efforts. Planning events yourself doesn’t mean you have to plan events alone … Let’s Talk!


Choose 1 or all 4 of our energizing monthly sessions below!


Managing Your Target

Ready, aim, fire! That sounds great but sometimes our event planning goals feel like a moving target. But do you know what your target really is? And once you know, how do you manage all the small steps along the way to be sure you hit that target? Let’s talk!


Managing Your Team

Team work makes the dream work! Your team might be small or large, volunteer or paid, new to event planning or ready to roll. No matter the make up, it can be a challenge to manage your unique team toward success … before, during, and after the event! But how? Let’s talk!


Managing Your Time

Time waits for no one! And no one knows this more than those planning and promoting events for their business, organization, or group. A successful event depends on all the tasks done by the right people at the right time. But how do you keep everything moving forward on task and on time? Let’s talk!


Managing The Trends

Trends come and go but true style is ageless! It’s temping to follow the monthly, seasonal or even yearly trends, but is the latest event trend really best the best approach or addition to your event? We take in an overload of information these days. How do you sift through and find just the right trends to adopt? Let’s talk!